“I feel I have made a great step”

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Dear Lee,

It was yesterday, and I feel I have made a great step.
I was being really stressed, and I had an argument with the woman I love. I use to get really aggressive verbally when I was under great stress, and she was unfortunately getting it right to her face, most of the time through the phone (because we are not in the same city, besides at the moment).

Well, I felt I was getting really tensed, and as we argued, I said to her that I could not continue to argue or I was gonna say bad things. She continued therefore I left, and stop speaking. She then left my room and I came back, alone. That is where I decided to practice some meditation I am learning with my counselor: mindfulness meditation. I did my day practice for 45 minutes, all lying on my bed, without falling asleep. (it’s very calm so I use to fall asleep at some point) After those 45 minutes, I got up, really really calm. I then spoke with the woman I love, and ask her to forgive me for I was really stressed. She said understood and forgave me.

In short, in all that, the best part is that I actually faced my stress without anything but breathing and mindfulness exercise for 45 minutes and managed to GET IT AWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s the first time of my life I got to do that! That’s HuuUUUuuUUuUuuUUUUUuuuUUge!

Wohoo !

Right, I’m off to bed now.

Take care !!

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