Is Sex a Need or an Appetite?

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Candeo Co-Founder, Dr. Bernell Christensen

As a therapist, I’m often asked, “Is sex a need or an appetite?” This is a great question and one that I’m going to answer with a simple response—”Yes”—it’s both.

As you will learn in the Candeo program, every human being is born with the capacity for sexual desire. It’s a basic instinct to sustain our own species through procreation. And just as important, we also have the innate need to experience deep connection and intimacy with another human being. Sexual thoughts and desires are very normal and natural. It’s only when these thoughts and desires become exaggerated, that they turn destructive.

A term commonly used to describe an exaggerated or highly elevated desire to pursue sexual outlets and behaviors is “Hyper-Sexuality.” At this level, human sexual behavior causes great disruption to the individual’s life and harms relationships, productivity, spirituality and self-image.

It’s not “unhealthy” to have sexual thoughts or desires—it becomes “unhealthy” or destructive when we choose not to restrain, limit, keep under control, or bridle our sexual cravings. In our society it’s very common for people to get caught up in hyper-sexuality—for escape, self-medication and as an attempted replacement for real human intimacy.

Exaggerated sexual behaviors or “hyper-sexuality” are greatly fueled by serious misunderstandings and misconceptions about human sexuality. Much of this confusion comes from messages portrayed in the media—movies, TV, Internet, books, magazines, and popular culture in general. All of these influences have dramatically altered how people view the human body and sexuality. In the Candeo program our goal is to help funnel and focus your sexual desires and needs into healthy ways of connecting with another person and into healthy outlets.

So if you find yourself caught up in “hyper-sexuality” and you want to reclaim the healthy relationships and fulfilling way of life you desire, engage with the Candeo program and follow the step-by-step process. You’ll be amazed as you begin making changes that you have considered extremely difficult or even impossible.

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