3 Keys to Breaking Free from Masturbation Addiction

This brief training is designed to help you gain insight and understanding into the reality that you can take control of your unwanted addiction and progress down the path to the life and relationships you want most.

Key #1: Sexual Outlets and Behaviors Can Create a Chemical Dependency in the Brain.

Key #2: Avoidance and Willpower are NOT Enough!

Key #3: Change is Possible.

How Do I Know If I’m Addicted


You may be wondering is your struggles with pornography, masturbation or other unwanted sexual behaviors have reached the level of an “addiction.” Take our Porn & Masturbation Self-Test to assess where you are, and based on your answers, we’ll suggest a course of action.

Take our porn and masturbation addiction self-assessment and see where you’re at.
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How Do I Know If I’m Addicted?

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If you’re here, you’re probably wondering how to quit porn. You’ve probably tried to stop countless times, only to fall right back into the same old habits. Why? It’s not because you’re weak, flawed or a lost cause. There’s a logical Brain Science explanation behind your struggles. Learn more about about how to quit porn ››


If you keep trying to overcome masturbation, but find yourself falling back again and again, this doesn’t mean you’re weak, worthless or a pervert. There’s a logical Brain Science behind your behavior. Learn more about overcoming masturbation ››

Sex Addiction

Sex addiction can have many sources. For some it begins innocently enough in the natural experimentation and exploration that comes with maturing sexually throughout life. Others may have more traumatic experiences that have been a factor. As a rule, sexual thoughts and desires are very normal and natural. It’s only when these thoughts and desires become exaggerated that they turn destructive. Learn more about overcoming sex addiction ››