Welcome to Candeo Support

You’re here because you either:

Our commmitment to our users is to provide timely responses to all inquiries, generally within 24-48 hours.

Candeo Support is not the place to inquire about how to use individual features of the program (unless, of course, the particular feature is not working properly). Your Candeo Coach can best answer these inquiries, or you might consider seeking help from more experienced Candeo users by posting your question on the Candeo forums. There will be many who will be happy to help you.

*If you are writing Candeo Support to cancel your account:

Please recall that you might have membership that calls for a six-month commitment before you can cancel. Please refer to the terms and conditions of your particular subscription to determine the cancellation requirements. All students are required to give Candeo notice in writing to cancel their accounts. It is not appropriate to contact your coach and have them attempt to pass the message along to support, nor to leave a phone message on Candeo’s answering service. To stop your billing, request must be made on or before the actual date of billing for your payment.