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Searching for Hope

The Candeo story is about hope. It’s about people finding recovery where they least expect it. It’s about overcoming years of battling the same issues without ever understanding why success is always just out of reach.

And – it’s about change. It’s about changing lives and models and paradigms. It’s about changing the quality of care. It’s about changing the world for generations to come.

The Beginning

One founder struggled for decades to overcome addiction without success. Then a mentor came along who understood how to focus the brain on specific behaviors so that real change was possible.

Another was a clinician so swamped by his practice that he had to turn people away. The need was far greater than his ability to fill it. He began to wonder if it was possible to create a system that could give people everything they needed, requiring only occasional guidance from him.

Once these two solutions found each other, Candeo was born. For the first time a unique approach to neuroscience, affordable technology and traditional therapeutic techniques were combined to solve some of the most difficult problems faced by individuals and healthcare systems.

With slashed budgets, dashed hopes and frightened families, the need is only growing, but so is the team. Leaders in neuroscience, technology interface design, software creation and behavioral change are beginning to catch the vision and are bringing paradigm changing ideas of their own to an entire industry in dire need of smarter and more effective services.

Ahead of Its Time

The way we think about behavior, what it is, and how to change it is being radically altered. We can no longer be satisfied with the way things have been done. Individual progress is being lost in between counseling or treatment or self-help sessions because of misunderstandings about the way we work. Clear this up and people begin enjoying lasting, long-term success.

But we can’t just talk about new models of change, we have to create the kinds of tools that make it possible. That’s why we didn’t begin by writing a library of books or starting a new clinic or going on television to talk about some new wonder drug or magical method. Instead, we created a program that works with how human beings actually are, not how we wish they would be or think they should be. It is a real solution for real people who just want to get back to living their lives.

Candeo is:

  • Innovative brain science and methods for its use. Unlike many others, we don’t just talk about the brain, we teach you how to work with it for lasting change.
  • Dynamic technology and context-based recovery. One of our central goals is to provide tools for applying principles in the situations when they’re needed, right when they’re needed. Reactive technology and application techniques make this possible for the first time.
  • Convenient and Affordable. By leveraging the Digital Revolution, people can recover without huge life interruptions and investments of money. Instead, the process follows them wherever they go, delivering targeted interventions.
  • Warm and Welcoming. Let’s face it, a lot of the issues we’re tackling have a lot of stigma associated with them. Stigma keeps people from seeking help. High costs keep people from seeking help. Our anonymous system provides the one-to-one support we all need through our coaching program while maintaining privacy. Because we’ve cracked the code on affordability, people get tailored solutions for a fraction of the cost of other services. No more barriers to change.

The First Step

This didn’t all come together overnight. When Candeo first started it was expensive and clunky. But as more and more people benefitted from taking the plunge and trusting our program, we were able to grow and offer more life altering features for a much lower cost. There’s never been a better time to get involved.

We’ve completed pilot studies and have had many thousands of users. This has taught us a lot about how to deliver tools and techniques that work for people. One of our core values is to be user-centered, so we try to be as responsive as possible to the experiences of our students. Live coaching, support people training and enhanced elements of our Therapeutic Learning Design all came from working with our students to build a more useful and effective service.


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Almost There

With more and more research being published on our program, progressive counselors, clinicians, clergy and recovery centers worldwide are adopting our system. It’s hard to believe it’s come so far so quickly. But when you create something you know you need, sometimes others need it too. People are ready for a change.

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