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Coach —

I have really come a long way.

Back in the depths of my addiction, only 3 years ago now, I was depressed because I was distant from my friends, had no connection with girls and was engaging in this unwanted behaviour frequently. Read more…

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Just wanted to let you know that the long slow development of brain-circuitry necessary to help me change habits which have been with me for almost 40 years (in regards to masturbation) and over 13 years (in regards to viewing pornography with some regularity) has been slowly happening. I’ve been practicing Candeo principles diligently for almost two years. Read more…

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Coach –

I just have a little insight that I wanted to share.

Recently I went ice skating. I hadn’t done this since I was a kid, so I didn’t think I’d be very good at it. However, I took to it very easily – much better than a lot of my friends who came along. I realised as I watched their approach that the main difference was that once I accepted that I was certainly going to fall at one time or another, and that it wouldn’t actually be so bad, I was able to let go of the wall, lean forward and really get into the feeling. Read more…

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Dear Lee,

It was yesterday, and I feel I have made a great step.
I was being really stressed, and I had an argument with the woman I love. I use to get really aggressive verbally when I was under great stress, and she was unfortunately getting it right to her face, most of the time through the phone (because we are not in the same city, besides at the moment).
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Sure, I would be honored for you to share my note. I have so much respect for the thoughtful way that the founders have leveraged the power of the internet and combined it with deep content and superb production values to create such a powerful curriculum. I think Candeo represents a model for the future of what online learning and training can be.  
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Hi Coach,

I just wanted to let you know that I am still making great progress in my recovery. Still no relapses, I feel so strongly about where I am now and my relationship with my wife is improving as well. We are having fun again and communicating. How truly fortunate I am and blessed to be on my road to total recovery. I have Candeo to thank for this news life, of all the times I have attempted change in my life, with your help and instruction along with my desire to change it is happening.

I would be grateful if anything I have learned would be helpful to anyone else. I have spent many years getting myself into the situation I have been in, something like 46 years and have been trying to overcome my addictions for a large part of those years only to be unsuccessful. It has only been with this program that I am having success. If my story might help others I would be only too happy to share.

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Coach –

I must say that since I’ve had some sustained sobriety life is much more interesting! I used to go through the days feeling awful, with little interest in anything. Shame weighed down on me like a huge boulder, and the only thing I looked forward to was the nighttime, so I could sleep and let the unconsciousness carry me away from my pain for a few hours. And yet, even in those moments of sleep I was sometimes plagued with pornographic dreams, which only fueled my feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness. I haven’t had a pornographic dream in months, and the boulder of shame is pretty much gone. Read more…

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Coach —

I just finished the continuing forward module. I am finally done with the training portion. The program has been such a wonderful influence in my life. For so many years I have attempted to overcome my addictions and failed. To be where I am today is such a wonderful blessing in my life. Read more…

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Coach —

I had a great experience today. I was sitting at my desk and started to feel the wave feeling that I usually have before I enter a funnel experience. I immediately opened up Candeo’s site, and clicked for the first time on one of the “I’m in crisis” modules. Read more…

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Just wanted to celebrate a large breakthrough I had this morning. Lately, it seems every one of my dreams has involved pornography over the past few weeks. It only tells me that I’m close to a breakthrough as it has gotten worse before it is getting better. Every morning I awake with the intense urge to watch pornography. This morning probably had to be the biggest yet. It was one of the hardest I have ever fought to overcome and I did it! Using gratitude breathing and FRC plus a little will power, I kept myself from giving in. In addition to that, I have gained some ground on taking control of my thoughts, which allows me to break up the anger I have been dealing with. Read more…