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Because of the “all or nothing,” “perfection or failure” mindset many sex addicts tend to have, it’s easy to get caught in the insidious trap that tells you, “I have to overcome this right now, once and for all!” When struggling individuals first begin applying the principles found in the Candeo program, many quickly experience a level of initial recovery success. Then, when this success doesn’t last, they can become discouraged and even hopeless. As a veteran of this rollercoaster ride of temporary success/euphoria and relapse, I know how devastating it can be. One of the keys to recovery success with any addiction or negative behavior is to remember, “Recovery is a journey, not an event.”

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If you took a public poll and asked people on the street what they think about masturbation, you’d get any number of reactions—awkward and embarrassed, moral or religious declarations, psychological research references, uncertainty, enthusiastic support, and many more. When you clear away all the intense emotion and passionate debate, it appears that most people want a simple, bottom-line answer to the question—“Is masturbation good or bad?” Read more…

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At the heart of everything we do at Candeo is the Brain Science of Change. We go to great lengths in our behavior-change training and support resources to help struggling individuals understand the brain processes behind their unwanted behaviors—how addiction circuitry forms in the brain, and how to rewire that circuitry to break free.

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