Frequently Asked Questions

  • What about medication?

    This is the most effective drug-free, online depression and anxiety program and ongoing service out there. Its purpose is to train and support you in using all of the tools, skills and techniques needed to control your depression and anxiety without medication. If you’re already on medication, we recommend you stay on it and continue with our service until you and your physician feel comfortable making a change.

  • How does this compare to traditional therapy?

    This service contains all of the techniques, instruction and exercises you would receive from a therapist. The advantage is that you will receive the very best help from one of the world’s leading psychologists, and have instant, 24/7 access to all of the tools, training and support when you need them, for as long as you need them.

  • What kind of support do I receive?

    In addition to Dr. Wehrenberg and the Candeo professional team, you will also have access to a personal Candeo Coach, and support from others who share your same struggles. Our program and service may be online, but we’ve worked hard to make it feel like home, surrounding you with supportive, knowledgeable people.

  • I’ve tried to stop myself from worrying but have never been able to turn it off. What can you offer that would be any different?

    Telling yourself to just stop worrying is a way of mentally “yelling” at yourself without giving yourself any real answers for what to do. Our service is a guided path through many highly effective solutions that will strengthen your ability to direct your thinking and turn worry off for good.

  • I am so unmotivated. What if I can’t keep up with this training?

    There is no rule about how fast or how much you have do at one time. You choose the pace. And you can actually start with “low motivation” as the symptom you want to work on first. This will help you continue to work on feeling better at the pace that is right for you.

  • Can I have both Depression and Anxiety?

    The answer is yes. Depression and anxiety often go together like dance partners. The question becomes, “Who is the lead dance partner?” Depending on the day, you may need to use tools for both depression and anxiety depending on what your symptoms are. The Candeo service is perfectly suited to help you do this.

  • How do I help my family understand what I’m going through?

    Unless you’ve experienced Depression or Anxiety, it’s very difficult to completely understand why your loved one is acting the way they are. Our program describes the symptoms and then helps you understand the brain science behind those symptoms. This alone can be helpful for loved ones to be more patient, compassionate and know how to give support. We find it helpful to have loved ones listen to the training and share in the experience.

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