Treat 27 Symptoms

Do you experience debilitating emotional distress? Do you feel uncomfortable in crowds? Have low energy? Struggle with worries?

We can experience many different anxiety and depression symptoms and they often change depending on the situation or the kind of day we’re having. For this reason, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. This is why we created a service that helps you identify 27 different symptoms and focus on the specific symptoms that are the most disruptive in your life right now. If your symptoms change in the next hour, day or week, you’ll have everything you need to overcome them – whatever and whenever they might be.

Comprehensive and Complete

Each symptom has 5-7 special training sections and a complete overview of the specific tools and techniques designed to help you address that symptom. Here are the 27 Symptoms-

Acute Anxiety

Anticipating Failure


Catastrophic Thinking


Fear of Social Situations

Generalized Anxiety




Imminent Danger




Loss of Interest

Low Concentration




Reassurance Seeking

Sad and Tearful



Social Anxiety

Feeling “Stuck in the Muck”

Too Much Activity

“What If” Worry

Work with Your Brain – Not Against It!

Recent brain research has forever changed our understanding of anxiety and depression. It’s now clear that these challenges are generated from specific problems with the structure and function of the brain. The good news is, research also shows that your brain is neuroplastic, meaning it’s moldable and changeable. You have the power to use your brain to change your brain!

It’s Not You, It’s Your Brain! When your brain is depressed or anxious it’s common to feel that you are broken or flawed because you feel like a negative person. The truth is that you are not inherently a negative person or a worried, depressed or anxious person – your brain is simply working in a fashion that makes you feel that way. In other words – it’s NOT you, it’s your brain! We will help you learn to separate your true self from your anxious or depressed brain.

Use Your Brain to Change Your Brain! Once you understand how your brain works, you can take charge and use your brain to overcome the many symptoms and negative thinking patterns that accompany depression or anxiety. The tools and methods we will give you will help you take full advantage of what we know about the brain and how to encourage healthy brain functioning.

Simple Tracking Technology

Research shows that one of the most effective ways to “use your brain to change your brain,” is to track your daily progress. We make this easy with our simple tracking technology. Keeping track of how you do each day will bring you some amazing benefits:

  1. Self-Assessment – Daily use of your Candeo tracking tools is essentially like completing a daily self-assessment. You’ll be able to consistently identify a clear path, prioritize, gain balance, and see evidence of change.
  2. Gain Awareness – Creating new healthy circuitry in your brain is more effective if you are aware of the positive feelings, benefits and progress you’re making each day. Use the simple daily tracking tools will increase this awareness, thereby accelerating brain change.
  3. Record Important Events and Insights – In the busyness of everyday life, it’s easy to lose track of events and insights that are important to your progress. By keeping a daily record through tracking, you can go back and see trends, identify successes and areas where you can make adjustments. At any time you can go back and see a global view of your progress, or focus in on a single day or week.

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