What You Get: In short – A LOT!

Interactive Video Training: Our service supports you with 183 short, interactive video trainings designed to give you the knowledge, understanding and practical real-life application you need. Here’s just a brief sample of some of the training titles –

  • How Your Brain makes you Anxious and Depressed
  • The 5 Neurochemicals of Depression and Anxiety
  • How Did I Get Here?
  • Your Brain Doesn’t Want to Give Up Old Habits
  • Eat, Sleep and Move
  • Brain Science and Technique Training for Each of 27 Symptoms
  • Benefits and Limits of Medication
  • A New Look at Your Daily Routine
  • Secrets of Effective Self-Care
  • Purpose and Meaning
  • Using Self-Image to Overcome Depression and Anxiety
  • Betraying Yourself
  • The 4 Kinds of Negative Self-Talk
  • Connecting at a Deeper Level
  • And Many More…

In addition to the video trainings, you will also have exercises, tools and practical applications that help you actually use and apply what you’re learning to directly manage and overcome your depression and anxiety symptoms.

A Personal Certified Coach

When you engage with our service, you will be assigned a trained and certified coach. Your Candeo Coach has an in-depth knowledge of the program and provides a valuable human connection important to overcoming depression and anxiety. Via a private message board, your coach can answer questions, provide emotional support, and help facilitate your progress when you get stuck or have a bad day.

Dynamic Symptom Assessment

Depending on the situation and the kind of day you’re having, you can experience many different anxiety and depression symptoms. The key is to help you identify and focus on the symptoms that are having the most negative impact on your life right now.

Through a special Symptom Assessment, you will be guided through the process of selecting the top three symptoms you should focus on first. On your own personal training website, you will see these displayed under “My Symptoms.” When you click on a particular symptom, you will be directed to the training, tools and support for that symptom. Over time, as you have ever-increasing success managing your top three symptoms, you can retake the Symptom Assessment and select new symptoms to work on. There are 27 symptoms covered in the training –

Acute Anxiety

Anticipating Failure


Catastrophic Thinking


Fear of Social Situations

Generalized Anxiety




Imminent Danger




Loss of Interest

Low Concentration




Reassurance Seeking

Sad and Tearful



Social Anxiety

Feeling “Stuck in the Muck”

Too Much Activity

“What If” Worry

Ongoing Interaction with the Candeo Professional Team

In addition to the online training videos, tools and resources, and your Candeo Coach, you will also have the opportunity to receive ongoing training, interaction and support from the Candeo Professional Team. Lead by Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg, our team of psychologists, therapists, neuroscientists and trainers consistently create highly informative articles, podcasts and other helpful resources. You’ll even have the chance to interact with our professionals through “live” webinars. Receiving this kind of ongoing service from world-class mental health professionals is highly unusual.

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