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If you’re here, you understand the negative effects of pornography addiction, and you are probably seeking help for yourself or for someone you care about. Our goal is to provide information, support, and a comprehensive program to help those struggling with unwanted sexual behaviors–like porn addiction.

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Masturbation is often referred to as a healthy release. However, we get questions from people all over the world struggling to break free. For example–Is there some amount of masturbation that’s OK? If I don’t masturbate, what can I do for relief? If my partner won’t or can’t have sex, is masturbation an acceptable alternative? These are all great questions and we have the answers.

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Sex Addiction

If you’re straining under the negative effects of sexual addiction, you’ve probably tried to stop countless times, only to start the cycle of the habit again. It’s not because you are a lost cause, flawed or weak. Everything you need to bring about change is built into the very structure of your brain–the exact same type of brain process that started this behavior, can help get you out.

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A different and breakthrough approach to addiction recovery.

brain science behind addiction
cutting edge technology
social supoort for those struggling with sexual addictions

The Latest Brain Science

Learn how to start working with your brain and stop fighting against it.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

Technology tools to help you break out of unwanted sexual behaviors.

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Personalized Support

Connect with other students, work with your Candeo Coach, and add your own support people.

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