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Candeo is 100% Online

Based on our one-on-one experience with over 8,000 struggling individuals in more than 80 countries, we developed our “Behavioral Change Technology.”


We never collect a real name from you. All we need is an email address and username (screen name). You and your Candeo Coach will know each other by your screen names only. All communication with your Coach is completely anonymous through a private message board. Coaches and other students in the forum will NOT have your email address.

Private & Secure

All your information is kept private and confidential. Candeo will never use your data without your informed consent. You control who has access to what. All of your information is transmitted over an SSL encrypted connection and stored on our secure servers, so you don’t have to worry about security.


We live in some tough economic times. Financial stress can be one of those life issues that pushes us to seek escape through unwanted behaviors. At Candeo, we’re very aware of these issues. For right around the cost of a cup of coffee or a soda a day, you and all of your support people can enjoy the full benefits of the Candeo program. You’re certainly worth it!


We know that your unwanted behaviors don’t suddenly “quit at 5 o’clock,” and neither should your recovery support system. You can access Candeo from your desktop or laptop, iPhone or other smartphone, or even an iPad. All our videos are HTML5 compatible and fall back to flash. Candeo’s there when you need it–24/7.

working with your brain instead of against it

Work with your brain instead of against it.

At Candeo, we constantly seek to harness the power of the latest cutting-edge brain science to help our world-wide Students. We know that if you can change your brain, you can change your life.

A Science-Based Approach

There are a lot of warm and fuzzy approaches to recovery, and countless pop-psychology self-help books. While these may inspire you for awhile, they rarely create lasting change. Our program is based on solid neuroscience and behavioral-change technology–and built for long term success. We have hard data and outcomes for thousands of students who are succeeding with this program.

Your “Human Decision System”

Just as you have an immune system and a digestive system, you also have what we call a Human Decision System. This system is centered in the brain, and is involved in every decision you make–good or bad. The key to your success, is learning how your Human Decision System works, and how to harness, nurture, train and direct this system so that you increasingly and consistently make the choices you desire most.

Success In The Moment

Through books, support groups, and counseling you can learn valuable information about how to overcome your unwanted behaviors. But the big test comes in the real world–in that moment when your worst urges and cravings hit you like a wave. Candeo’s Brain Science of Change tools and methods will help you “succeed in the moment”–whenever and wherever that might be.


We believe that anyone can change any unwanted behavior, regardless of the cause. Our focus is on moving forward from here and now, building success upon success, literally creating the future that you desire.

track your progress on your phone

Tracking & Feedback

The Candeo Online Learning System gives you the tools you need to track your successes and respond to feedback.

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Daily Tracking Calendar

An incredibly valuable “view” into your daily life to identify patterns and trends, and continually progress forward. It tracks whether you’ve completed your structured daily self-care routine; how vulnerable you’ve been feeling; the successes you’ve been having; your most recent journal entries; and it even allows you to decide how to define a “slip” or “setback.”


Your daily journal contains important “trigger-tracking” tools to get a clear picture of where you are in the change process. Taking time to explore and reflect on your thoughts, feelings and experiences helps to bring your “automatic” negative and destructive behaviors out of the murky depths and above the surface so you can do something about them. A powerful tool that you shouldn’t discount or take for granted.

candeo's journaling feature

Crisis & Setbacks

There are times when you feel the urge to act out, and it can be so powerful it’s like a wave crashing over you–you’re in a “crisis”! You will learn how to immediately go to your “Crisis Tools” page and use the resources and steps outlined to make it through “the wave.” If you do give in to your urges and fall back into unwanted behaviors, we call this a temporary “setback.” When you have a setback, you can go to your “Setbacks Tool” page and follow the steps. You should not spend one minute in the pit of self-loathing, self-flogging or despair. You need to immediately assess what went wrong, learn from the experience, make adjustments and immediately begin moving forward again.

social suppport

Social Support

Candeo is all about “people helping people.” In a 100% anonymous and private online environment, we will help you create your own personal “support system.”

your candeo coach

Personal Candeo Coach

When you begin the program, you will be assigned a trained and certified coach. Your Candeo Coach has an in-depth knowledge of the program and provides a valuable human connection important to overcoming unwanted behaviors. Your Candeo Coach is also there to facilitate your progress when you get stuck.

Support People

Through your private Candeo website, at your complete discretion, you can request that Candeo provide education, training and support to the people in your life that are directly or indirectly impacted by your unwanted behaviors and concerned for your welfare.

support person features

candeo student forum

World-Wide Discussion Forum

Our Candeo Community Discussion Forum will give you a chance to share experiences, successes, and give and receive support from Candeo Students world-wide.

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